Database Projects

The following Databases are offered for purchase for your customization needs. If you need assistance in customizing the database for your business, additional fees would be required.

(More will be added in the future!)

  1. Proposal Response Personnel Tracking
    This database was used daily within a major technology company for manager level tracking of assignments and tracking of major milestones.
    The program contains pre-canned reports that allow for reporting of all open assignments, assignments by person, counts of assignment over specific time periods, as well as counts by proposal type.
  2. Consignment Sale Database
    This database was initially designed for my church and the annual consignment sale fundraiser. This database elimiated the waiting period from the end of the sale to the balancing of books by 90%!
    This program contains areas to maintain up to date consigner information and data about the sales being made. The database also comes with a few pre-canned reports for easy reporting. They include a summary report of sales over a time frame, a detailed sales report for every sale made within a time frame, as well as a specific report based on consigner ID.